IGD - Interaction, Graphics & Design Track

Master of Computer Science - IP Paris


The IGD Master track is part of the Computer Science Master of Institut Polytechnique de Paris (IP Paris)

Please see the following IP Paris pages for application and for a presentation of IGD M1 and IGD M2.

Welcome Session

The Welcome Session will take place on September 4, 2023 at Télécom Paris.

Course & Schedules

Institutional partners

The IGD Master offers a comprehensive range of courses which are held by the following institutes:

All these institutes are located on Plateau de Saclay. Maps: IP Paris - Paris-Saclay

Policies & Procedures



The academic year starts in Semptember and ends in June. It is divided into four Periods (P1, P2, P3 & P4). The two first Periods correspond to the first Semester (S1), and the two last Periods to the second Semester (S2). The starting/ending dates of the Periods are not exactly the same for all institutes, meaning that the starting/ending weeks of courses depend on which institutes they are held (see Overall Schedule).


Each student should choose a tutor according to his/her main domain of interest. Interacting with any lecturer is of course encouraged, but the tutor will have a special role (see below). If no tutor is chosen, one will be assigned.

Choice of courses

At the beginning of each year, the student must select a coherent set of courses, according to her/his preferences and prior knowledge. Except otherwise stated, courses can either be taken in M1 or M2, but beware that class’ prerequisites must be respected.

Students are invited to contact their tutor (and/or other lecturers) to help them in choosing courses. The tutor will validate the chosen list of course and inform the administration.


M1 students can follow up to 10 ECTS in other tracks of the Computer Science Master.


M1 students must follow at least one project module, while M2 students can follow a project module. Available modules:

M2 Internship

M2 students must do a 5 to 6 months internship (which counts for 30 ECTS), during the second Semester. The internship can be performed in an academic or industry research lab, including all IP Paris laboratories. The choice of the internship must be validated by the tutor.